Safety of Funds :

At AAFX Trading we take extreme measures to ensure that our clients’ funds are always 100% secure and governed by the following principal: SAFETY..

  • Segregation of client fundsAll clients funding is kept in separate accounts from the Company’s own funds. This ensures that client’s funds cannot be used for any other purpose under any circumstance..
  • Funds deposited in international global banksAAFX Trading uses only reputable banks for clients depositing their funds, all within a range of European banks with a reputable and credible reputation.
  • Risk ManagementAAFX Trading provides an automated risk management system through its state-of-the art platforms to ensure that its clients account balances will never go negative.
  • Funding Methods all have a SSL SecurityOur wide range of account funding methods all have a SSL Security, which allows all sensitive information, such as credit cards, account details to be transmitted securely.
  • Regulation and LicenceAAFX TRADING COMPANY LIMITED is a brand of AA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS SDN BHD which is authorized and regulated by FSA.