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Deposit via EZPayNow



This Credit Card Option accept only VISA and Master cards

Notes on Deposits and Refunds by Credit Card
  1. Deposits are usually credited to the account instantly. If your deposit has not been placed into your Trading Account within 1 hour from the time you have initiated the deposit, please check for any email messages from us.
  2. This credit card merchant of AAFXTRADING is registered under Superstores" will be appear like this in your bank Statement.
  3. By submitting your request for Credit Card deposit, you confirm that the Credit Card account you use to deposit is registered under your own name and that your Credit Card email address has been added to your Trading Account records.
  4. Refunds to Credit Card are usually processed within 72hours.
  5. If you have used a credit/debit card to deposit, please make sure that you have refunded those deposits back to the same card and up to their full value before making a Credit Card withdraw request.
Terms and Conditions Per Card
  1. Minimum transaction should be 100$.
  2. Maximum transaction each time should be $5000.
  3. Number of transaction per card per day 2.

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