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How do I deposit by MoneyGram?
To deposit via MoneyGram you must visit an authorized MoneyGram office.

To locate the nearest MoneyGram offices please click on Find MoneyGram Agent In some countries it is possible to transfer the funds online.

# Contact live chat support for the beneficiary details.

Contact our Customer Support Department at [email protected] and provide them with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your AAFX Account Number
  • Transaction amount in USD
  • Currency
  • City and Country from which the money was sent
  • The Transaction Reference Number (an 8 digit number)
  • In a short while your trading account should be credited with funds.
  • Please note the following:

    • Important: Your AAFX account number should be included in the payment details of the transfer.
      In order to avoid delays in crediting your MT4 account please send us payment receipt to [email protected]
      You should specify Hongkong as the beneficiary destination country.
      Any fees charged by MoneyGram are paid by the client. AAFX credits the client’s account with the final amount received.
    • Limitations: The minimum amount $100 plus the amount of commissions.
    • Clearance: Within normal working hours upon receipt of cash. Payments that arrive at weekends or after normal working hours will be deposited within the next working day.
    • Currencies: The funds can be sent in any currency, but in order to avoid possible losses on the currency conversion, we strongly recommend that you send funds in the same currency as the currency of the trading account where the money will be deposited in.

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