AAFX Trading Privacy Policy

Whether you are a former or an existing client or just visiting our website, the privacy of our users is one of our main concerns. We are committed to safeguarding all personal information collected from our clients and visitors.

By providing AAFX Trading with your personal information such as your Name, Mailing Address, ID number, Passport Number etc., you are providing us with full consent to gather, utilize, store and protect the information provided in the manner described below.

When the Information is Collected from our Clients?

We will collect personal information from clients under the circumstances stated below:

  • When opening a Live/Demo trading account with AAFX Trading (When filling in electronic registration forms)

  • When funding your personal trading account

  • When withdrawing from your personal trading account

  • The Personal Information that may be Collected Includes:

  • Personal Information such as Full Name, Address, Date of Birth, ID Number and Occupation

  • Financial Information such as assets, investment experience and monthly income, in order to evaluate your trading experience

  • When funding your account or withdrawing from your account, we may request documents such as a copy of an ID Document, Utility Bills and a Bank Statement

  • The above information collected from clients, help AAFX Trading understand your financial needs, provide you with products and services suitable to your needs, process your account transactions in a timely manner as well as provide you with the highest level of customer support.

How the information is collected from AAFX Trading Clients?

Clients willingly provide AAFX Trading with the personal information collected under the following in the following ways:

  • On Completion of Electronic registration forms placed on the AAFX Trading Website or on an AAFX Trading Minisite

  • When funding or withdrawing from trading accounts, clients voluntarily provide required documents

  • When trading on the AAFX Trading system

  • When contacting AAFX Trading or responding to a promotion advertised

  • There is certain information that is indirectly collected by AAFX Trading such as: IP Address, operating system, software configuration and the use of cookies.

Use of Cookies

We use a number of cookies on our website for analytics to help us understand the usage and how visitors engage with our website gathering anonymous data. A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie is a small file saved on people’s computers to help store preferences and other information that’s used on webpages that they visit. Cookies contain information that is transferred to visitors’ computer hard drive and may include information which allows us to better understand how they are navigating across the site. Visitors can choose if and how these cookies will be accepted by changing their preferences and options in their web browsers. It is important to note that there is not any personally identifiable information collected as part of this process.
We also use cookies for remarketing services to allow us to reach users who have previously visited our website and have shown an interest in our services. We may use remarketing features to advertise on third party websites (including Google) to show our ad to you across the internet based on your web experience on our website. You can opt out of Google’s use of cookies based on your interests and browsing history at any time by visiting Google Ads Preference Page and Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser. ​

What is the purpose of using the information collected by AAFX Trading

AAFX Trading will utilize the information collected from clients for the following purposes:

  • To verify clients identity

  • To set up, maintain and manage clients’ personal trading account

  • To process deposits and withdraws in clients’ personal trading account

  • To keep clients up to date with news, updates and new promotions at AAFX Trading

  • To analyze client activity in order to improve and provide clients with the best products and services.

  • To provide clients with top – quality customer support

  • The Sharing of Clients Personal Information

AAFX Trading do not share any client information with any affiliated or unaffiliated 3rd parties and only under the below circumstances will clients personal information be shared:

In order to open, operate and serve your personal trading account, AAFX Trading may share information with service providers such as attorneys, accountants, auditors, and other financial professionals

In order to protect against fraud, money laundering, unauthorized transactions, claims or other liabilities

Income, credit history, net worth, or income information, will not be shared by AAFX Trading under no circumstances

The company may share information with affiliates and introducing brokers, mainly for the calculation of these entities’s compensation.

How does AAFX Trading Protect the Information you Provide?

  • Right on top of the AAFX Trading priority list is clients security, therefore AAFX Trading takes all the necessary steps to make sure that your data is safe with us.

  • AAFX Trading use the top notch data security technology, firewalls and data encryption.

  • Every client owns his own personal user name and password which he uses to access AAFX Trading systems.

  • All client information at AAFX Trading is restricted to a small group of management and employers that need to use this information

Links found on the AAFX Trading Website.

Links to external sites may be found on the AAFX Trading website. AAFX Trading takes no responsibility for the content on the external websites and advices all clients to read the privacy policy of the external websites before leaving any personal information. The AAFX Trading Privacy Policy applies only to information collected by AAFX Trading.

Questions, Concerns or Complaints?

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints, please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, email or chat. AAFX Trading offers customer support in multiple languages.