Have your Own Private Forex Label

Open your Own Brokerage today!

This is where technology, operations, and experience all meet in one place.
We offer a standard, as well as completely customizable integrated solutions that include everything a brokerage requires: Back End trading technology (Vertex with back office, server, and configuration), liquidity, legal (incorporation and bank accounts), operational, risk/compliance, and 24/6 support.

Why choose AAFX TRADING  White Label solution ?

  • Dependability; All data is hosted in a cloud server environment for incomparable reliability and up-time.
  • Top Execution Speed; The cloud environment results in execution times expressed in milliseconds.
  • Multi-Directional Execution; At all times all trades are synchronized on all platforms.
  • Competitive Comparison Pricing; Receiving the best bid from several banks and ECNs truly gives the trader the tightest spreads.
  • Transparency; A transparent order reporting system allows clients to log into a web-based system to verify positions.
  • Scalability; If your business grows enormously, we can handle it, by design.
  • Security; State of the art security measures to ensure your environment is secure
  • No Risk; With the STP trading model, risk is passed off to a counter party letting you earn money on volume commissions.

Full package on Multiple platforms.

Have the ability to provide your clients a full range of platforms across the board, including Vertex, web, mobile and Java platforms.