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Why Trade Bonds with

  • Commission FREE offers bond trading without fees or commissions

  • Up to 100:1 LeverageInstantly increase your trading power

  • Wide Selection of PlatformsWhether you’re new to the markets or trade like a pro, you can choose whichever platform is right for your experience-level and strategy

  • Competitive Trading ConditionsTight spreads, immediate execution, live dealing desk access and support

About Bonds

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The below instruments will be available only in the VIP+ for trading. If you have more questions about that connect to the live chat support.

Instrument (Platform Symbol) Spreads
(as low as)*
Leverage (up to) Trading Hours (GMT)
TBOND-30Y (US30YBond) 0.06 (USD) 100:1 23:01 – 21:59
TNOTE-10Y (US10YNote) 0.06 (USD) 100:1 23:01 – 22:00
EURO-BUND-10Y EU 0.06 (EUR) 100:1 07:00 – 21:00
GILT-LONG UK (Gilt10Y) 0.06 (GBP) 100:1 08:10 – 18:00
Japan G. Bonds 0.08 (JPY) 100:1 00:05 – 01:59, 03:35 – 05:59, 06:35 – 14:24

*During daily breaks and in major news, spreads might widen

Trading Conditions

For more information about Bond trading conditions, please visit the CFD Trading Conditions page. reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to widen spreads, decrease leverage, control maximum order amounts and limit clients’ total exposure. Please go to our Terms and Conditions for full terms.