Trading Conditions

  • Execution: In all types of Accounts the execution will happen according to the market conditions. We don’t allow Arbitrage EA. Any wrong price execution or using ROBOTS, EA AND INDICATORS which tries to manipulate the system, these trades will be taken out or reversed from the clients account. If the client tried to take advantage from wrong prices which rarely happen due to disconnection of servers and make profit from that and don’t bring this issue into our notice and later if the same wrong ticks liquidate his/her account we will not reverse that trade. You need to understand this conditions before applying for the live account.
  • Expert Advisor Execution: The client will face slippage on all trades executing via EA and the slippage can be of any amount/pips. This is because the speed of EA allow the system to give slippage in order to our bank manage the risk. We would like to make it clear from the start that EA position might face some slippage.
  • FIXED ACCOUNT All fixed spreads are run between the BID and ASK and also subject to change and may get widen in the event of low liquidity or during news hours in the market and the high/lows of fixed pairs can be different from original market high/lows due to running in the middle of the BID and ASK. There is a possibility of wrong spikes comes into fixed spread account and in that case the position will be reverse and delete and the original deposit will credit back into the client account.
  • AAFXTRADING COMPANY LTD will not be responsible if the client EA malfunction or execute trade wrongly. In this case no trade will be reverse and the client has to bear all losses in this case.
  • Clients should keep position open for at least 60secs in all types of account, any profit trade close before 60secs will be deleted by the bank and you cannot claim that price again. If the trade is in loss and close before 60secs this trade will not be taken out and loss will stay. If you have more questions related to that feel free to connect the customer support.
  • Our MT4 has market execution and all execution and pending orders will be fill on the available market price. The pending order will also be placed on the market price and you may face slippage in your pending order filling if the market price will be different. If you have more questions related to that feel free to connect the customer support.
  • If the client finds any problem with the open or close trade in terms of wrong price or anything please report to us within 24hours. If the client don’t report the company within 24hours that trade will no longer be entertain for the investigation. Whereas, if the company find that the client take advantage of any wrong price or value. The company has the full right to reverse or reopen the wrong price execution within 30days.
  • If the client opens more than one account. These accounts cannot be use to hedge the same pairs. If the client uses it for hedge which means buying and selling the same pairs in two different accounts and if one account went negative we will settle this negative balance from the account which has a balance. Hedging the same pairs in two different accounts and taking the advantage of leverage and negative balance protection is illegal and we will block the accounts if anyone practices it. This kind of strategy is strictly not allowed.
  • Prices displayed on the website may be affected by changes in currency exchange rate and price movements thereby affecting your investment return therefrom.
  • If the client violates the terms more than 4 times this may lead to his/her account to disable and then he/she may request to support to enable it again.
  • Please note that the market hours maybe subject to change from time to time.
  • AAFX Trading will inform clients of any changes in market trading hours.

Margin Calls:

  • Customers are also warned that the moment their margin level falls below 20%, the platform will automatically liquidate their positions. This will be done without further reference to the Customer. Once an account reaches a Margin Call warning level, it is possible that the margin level could increase above 100%. Should this happen the Margin Call process will reset. If the Margin Call Warning levels are reached again, the Margin Call process will start again. Closure of positions will be done on the basis of best execution prices available to at that time.
  • Customers are responsible for placing their own Stop Loss Orders to minimize losses.
  • In addition, may, from time to time and at our best effort, contact a customer and request that said customer will deposit additional Collateral to secure his or her obligations. Any call for additional margin shall not be deemed precedent for future call nor future waiver of liquidation rights by